Approach & Values


Business leaders typically view government as a process of political competition that affects the private sector.  The rapid growth of the administrative state, among other factors, has transformed this conventional understanding: today, government increasingly serves as an immensely consequential venue of business competition.

Baron Public Affairs, LLC helps innovators mitigate political risk by mastering the competition of private interests through the public sector.  The cultural and demographic “super trends” shaping the United States portend intensifying government interventions, especially in energy, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and tech.  The discrediting of the post-World War II policy consensus and associated rise of populism – on the Right and Left – present major corporations with the most challenging ideological landscape in decades.

Employing a unique methodology that combines objective strategy development with groundbreaking research platforms, the firm has advised some of the world’s most important organizations, including members of the Fortune 10 and the U.S. Department of Defense.  In all cases, we relentlessly pursue excellence in helping clients identify, understand, and surmount gathering threats.

I am grateful for the enormously talented colleagues who make the firm’s success possible and invite you to explore how we help leading enterprises compete and prevail.


Jonathan M. Baron
Founder and Principal


Jonathan M. Baron founded Baron in 2006 to liberate innovators from political risk.  Mr. Baron previously held senior staff positions on political campaigns and with the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

Tactical Neutrality

The firm neither offers tactical services to clients, nor accepts finder’s fees or commissions of any kind when recommending vendor-driven solutions. This tactical neutrality aligns the incentives of the firm with the best interests of clients and preserves the integrity of objective, fact-based strategy development and implementation.

Deep Learning

Baron reveals the authentic source and dimensions of a client’s political risk. The firm’s approach: ideas matter, and individuals formulate and disseminate ideas in specific and coherent patterns. Navigating this world of ideas yields unparalleled understanding.

Critical Empathy

A deep desire for the client’s success must coexist with a willingness to identify flaws and vulnerabilities. In this respect, the firm operates simultaneously as a defender and critic to provide the best possible counsel.