Summer 2023 | Publication

Study: The New Right’s Emerging Views on Health Care

The growing populist conservative movement – or, “New Right” – continues to develop specific approaches to major issues, including health care.  Rejecting the reflexive commitment to free-market principles that largely defined the Republican Party for more than 40 years, the New Right has the potential to alter the balance of power in the health care policy debate.  To assess the impact of this nascent political force, Baron analyzed the New Right’s developing perspective on health care based on the firm’s experience and 20 conversations with conservative thought leaders.  Key findings from Baron’s report include:

  • The New Right is committed to ends in health care (for example, affordable, quality care for working families) and more flexible on means, including government intervention, compared to free-market conservatives.
  • The New Right believes that health care policy should prioritize the flourishing of American families, including generous coverage for pregnancy and delivery, with employer-based plans as a potential solution.
  • The New Right’s concerns regarding corporate power has increased scrutiny of pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospital consolidation.

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