Influencer Analytics

Knowing whom and how to influence

Influencer Analytics empowers professionals with a critical tool for understanding the sources that genuinely influence decision makers. For corporate government relations teams, trade associations, issue groups, and other organizations, Influencer Analytics optimizes public affairs analysis, messaging, targeting, and delivery.



Conventional understanding of influence typically relies on anecdotes and assumptions. Recent political trends have upended traditional patterns of thought leadership that had prevailed for decades. Conventional sources of information do little to produce insight into a poorly understood new political environment.



Baron’s Influencer Analytics identifies measurable and objective sources of influence, including associations and organizations, media, and corporations. The result: actionable insights to inform superior public affairs advocacy and corporate decisions involving political risk.



Baron begins by assembling a database of thousands of citations made by selected leaders. Then, Baron scores the influence of external parties using custom-developed analytical methods, and, leveraging more than a decade of experience with influencer campaigns, refines raw data into actionable insights.

Case Studies

A major company confronts long-term political risk in a highly regulated and increasingly complex sector.

Influencer Analytics generates tens of thousands of citation reference points, identifies top influencers, produces detailed network influence maps, and designs actionable blueprints to maximize opportunities and mitigate vulnerabilities. The effort reveals previously-unrecognized influencers and patterns of influence, exposes a campaign by competitors to create new regulatory barriers, and offers a specific plan to address political challenges with increased efficiency and greater impact.

The 2016 presidential election upends previously-held assumptions about political influence.

Influencer Analytics assembles tens of thousands of citations made by Trump Administration officials, determines top influencers, and generates actionable insights about the political landscape. The project identifies the organizations and individuals enjoying the most influence with the new Administration, and tracks the Administration’s approach to key industries.

An organization seeks to identify genuine sources of influence in its sector.

By building a database of thousands of citations, Influencer Analytics is able to determine the most important influencers, which include many not previously familiar to the organization. The effort also reveals that certain individuals presumed to be key in fact demonstrated little measurable influence. Baron distills the findings to produce specific advice on how the organizations can engage with top influencers.