Baron's Expertise

Political Risk Assessment

Baron specializes in producing actionable blueprints designed to help leaders surmount political obstacles and advance their public affairs objectives. Baron’s pioneering Political Risk Assessment incorporates a rigorous process that offers superior analysis, provides guidance on effective execution, and supplies exceptional risk solutions.

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Influencer Analytics

Baron identifies and evaluates intellectual trends to uncover the forces that genuinely shape decision makers. Through quantitative and qualitative mechanisms, the firm reveals the universe of thought leaders that drive the national consensus on particular issues. The data reveals genuine, rather than presumed, influencers, leading to superior outcomes at significantly higher speeds and lower costs.

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Campaign Management

To maximize client effectiveness and efficiency, Baron oversees the execution of programmatic initiatives. Depending on the specific scenario, Baron’s role includes: administering the implementation of tactical blueprints; building and advising coalitions; supporting government relations; and/or guiding public relations and strategic communications.

Strategic Planning Process

Baron’s Strategic Planning Process (SPP) guides trade associations, issue groups, and other not-for-profits to impact decision makers and demonstrate compelling value to stakeholders. SPP employs a robust analytical methodology that challenges established thinking and rigorously tests assumptions to develop a detailed and comprehensive blueprint designed to equip organizations to succeed in a highly competitive environment.