Political Risk Assessment

A Solution for the Era of Volatility

Baron’s Political Risk Assessment provides a powerful solution to the most serious threats to Fortune 500, high-growth middle-market companies, and leading startups.



America has entered a new and tumultuous political era marked by ideological activism, government intervention, and electoral turbulence.  As a result, business leaders confront proliferating regulatory and legislative vulnerabilities.  During this period of heightened uncertainty, CEOs, boards of directors, and other senior decision makers must anticipate and manage political risk to core business interests.



Based on more than a decade of experience, Baron Public Affairs, LLC has developed our Political Risk Assessment to address legislative and regulatory threats to core business interests.  Baron illuminates the forces shaping the political landscape to prepare corporate decision makers to manage company-level impacts of government action across diverse sectors.



Baron’s Political Risk Assessment begins with understanding client objectives and conducting a rigorous analysis of the history, culture, institutions, and personalities that define the relevant competing interests.  Baron then holds detailed conversations within a trusted network of decision makers and opinion leaders to obtain high-quality, granular insights.  Baron distills this information into actionable recommendations enriched by a deep understanding of the broader environment.